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The splendid Angelicum complex hosts the Pontifical University of St. Thomas where the leading figures of the Catholic intellectual world study and teach, as well as the associated Convent of Sts. Dominic and Sixtus and the Baroque Church of the same name. It dates to 1569 and is situated in the exact geographical and historical centre of the Eternal City. The entrance faces Via Nazionale, a few meters from Piazza Venezia and Trajan’s column, beneath the shadows of the medieval Torre delle Milizie. From its windows and from the interior gardens you have an enchanting view of the Imperial Fora, the Coliseum, Villa Aldobrandini, the Quirinal Palace and the Victor Emmanuel Monument. There is also on-site parking. Some of the greatest masters of the 17th century have left their imprint on the architecture and decor of the building, infusing it with their unmistakable elegance. Among them: Gian Lorenzo Bernini (1649), Giacomo della Porta (1587), and Vincenzo della Greca (1654).

The structure

Because of its inimitable historical and aesthetic characteristic, its unique location and its purpose as an international venue, the Angelicum is a natural choice for high profile events. It has received Popes, Presidents and Heads of State, and has hosted scientific, cultural, political and economic events of global importance. The complex houses:

  • 15 rooms capable of holding between 30 and 150 people, facing a cloister of the 16th century with a garden and fountain.
  • A semi-circular hall with theatre-style seating for 325 (Aula Minor “San Raimondo”).
  • A principal auditorium, also with theatre-style seating and a capacity of 1100 (Aula Magna “Giovanni Paolo II).
  • •The “Hall of Columns” (Sala colonnes) can serve as a mid-sized reception room, or else as the location of the secretariat offices of a conference.
  • •Exposition stands, portable simultaneous translation stands, and reception desks can be placed in the semi-circle that surrounds the Aula magna.
  • •The ample interior gardens offer an exclusive location for breaks during meetings.


The Pontifical University of St. Thomas Aquinas (Angelicum) is a Dominican institution in the heart of Rome. It contains Faculties of Theology, Philosophy, Canon Law, and Social Sciences. The roots of the Angelicum reach to the medieval Dominican house of studies in Rome, founded in the XIII century, in which Aquinas taught. It presently offers education in Italian and English for students of about 100 different nationalities. The Angelicum collaborates with academic institutions from all over the world. Among its illustrious students belongs Karol Wojtyła, Saint John Paul II.


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